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New Grills for 2023

The UK barbecue village is a busy and growing community. JEMIMA NELSON picks the latest grills. See the feature in the Spring edition of BBQ Magazine.

 Jemima Nelson   Spring 2023

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Weber has launched innovative new product offerings for 2023 including a new electric barbecue.

“Our product teams continue to push the boundaries of high-performance outdoor cooking in fuel and product categories that home cooks have just started to explore, including electric, griddle, and pellet grilling,” says Mike Jacobs, chief operating officer of Weber.

“To develop this year’s product portfolio, we spent hundreds of hours talking to and cooking with people to determine how our products could help them more fully enjoy coming together around the barbecue. This line-up redefines what’s possible when cooking outside by enabling our owners to create delicious new meal options, express their creativity, cook with greater ease, control, and predictability, and simplify clean up.”

Weber’s new Lumin electric barbecue is a highly versatile, multifunctional grill. It is designed for those with limited outdoor space and ‘electric-first’ cooks who crave authentic, delicious barbecue flavours yet desire a grill that fits their lifestyle and reflects their eco-conscious fuel choices.

The ultra-modern Lumin barbecue features a sleek, space-efficient design, making it ideal for smaller outside areas and where other forms of fuel, such as charcoal and gas, are not permitted.

To create a 'next-level' electric cooking experience, Weber product experts engineered this barbecue to reach high heat temperatures of more than 315°C, within 15 minutes, infuse vegetables and proteins with rich, smoky tastes through its smoke mode, as well as steam vegetables, sear steaks, and keep cooked food warm via different cook settings and specially designed accessories.

Weber designers have also created full-size griddle inserts for the Spirit and Genesis gas barbecues. The griddle inserts, made of porcelain-enamelled cast iron, work with each barbecue's powerful burner system to direct, evenly spread, and hold heat across the entire griddle cooking surface. In addition, each griddle insert features a grease management system designed to prevent spills and capture grease for less mess during cleaning.



Masterbuilt, the charcoal grill and smoker brand, has launched its first pizza oven insert. Continuing the company’s ‘plug and play’ ethos, the newest addition quickly transforms your existing barbecue into a pizza oven, enabling you to switch from pitmaster to pizzaiola.



The sleek new accessory has been crafted to bake exceptional pizza with an authentic brick oven flavour. Fired up with the press of a button, heat up your BBQ and cook a 14-inch base in under five minutes. There is no rotation needed and the 360° airflow cooks with an even temperature and consistency throughout.

The Masterbuilt pizza oven is lightweight and has been crafted with a premium stainless-steel interior and porcelain-coated exterior. It also has the ability to bake cookies, bread and even lasagne.

The attachment is best suited to the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 and 1050 grills, though it will fit on most charcoal, gas and pellet grills too.


Kadai has introduced a Firebowl Table to its repertoire and this is all about social cooking – hot charcoal for the food, with a warming fire to eat in front of. The 70cm firebowl sits in a 120cm diameter wooden table, which is designed with space underneath for log storage. The hardwood top is made from sustainably farmed mango wood on a mild steel base.

Kadai has also designed the Garden Kitchen for preparing and serving food straight from the barbecue. The base is made from sustainably sourced mango wood; the tabletop black limestone, and the Kitchen is fitted with a shelf and two drawers. Another innovation is an oak cooking plank, so you can slow cook a large, filleted fish on a plank opposite a wood fire for the smoky aroma, and adapted to fit inside a Kadai firebowl.


DeliVita is seeing big global growth, with the Yorkshire manufactured ovens being sold around the world.

“Our mission is to ensure everyone who sells a DeliVita oven knows the story of the brand, how it is handcrafted and how to use it,” says founder and CEO Joe Formisano.

This year will see DeliVita launch a new dual-fuel eco gas oven. “Produced to cater for an audience that demands immediacy and even greater control, the oven offers the ability to cook both traditionally with wood and with gas and will be the most eco-friendly oven on the market,” says Formisano.

“It’s not just about buying an oven; it’s about buying into a lifestyle. Buying a DeliVita oven isn’t about cooking. It’s about bringing friends and family together to create special moments, special memories.”

Delivita Website

Whistler Grills

Whistler has launched a new colourway to its free-standing Bibury and Burford built-in collections, with its Black Silk edition giving customers an alternative to the traditional polished stainless steel and available in three different sizes across both ranges.

Visit Whistler Grills


Alfa is an Italian family business based in the town of Anagni and while pizza is very much a food for all nations, Italy remains its spiritual home, with Alfa ovens designed and made by people steeped in the culture and science of pizza making – traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge design.

To create authentic Italian pizza, the oven floor needs to impart heat quickly enough for the crust to be crisp before the dough is overcooked, but not so quickly that it burns. Alfa has developed a patented refractory brick with a full-circulation flue system, ceramic fibre insulation and high-grade steel wall, so ovens can quickly reach and maintain temperatures up to 500°C and Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in just 90 seconds.

Alfa has both wood-fired and gas-fired models, as well as hybrid options and the Italian ovens come in two distinct lines – the Classico and the Moderno.

Alfa Forni


Traeger, the wood pellet grill specialist with headquarters in Salt Lake City, USA, has developed a new Timberline grill. Originally launched in 2017, the Traeger Timberline pioneered a connected cooking platform with the introduction of WiFire and the D2 direct drive motor for variable fan and auger control.

“Traeger has spent 35 years innovating and perfecting what it means to cook incredible meals outdoors,” says Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills. “Our aim is to enhance the cooking experience with each grill launch, building innovation that cascades into different makes, models, and price points across our line-up.”

The new grill has precision temperature control and a series of smart sensors, while its Downdraft Exhaust gives the food the wood-fired flavour. A heat delivery system ensures hotter temperatures on the grates for improved searing.

The Traeger App features WiFire technology to control the grill from anywhere, with the new Timberline coming with two MEATER wireless thermometers.

Traeger Website


Fyron, based in the Netherlands, is 'the House of Fire', a fast-growing international player in the barbecue market and all about creating moments around the fire. Its brands are OFYR, The Bastard, Grizzly Grills and Grill Guru.

OFYR started in the Netherlands in 2015 and is now sold in more than 80 countries and extends beyond cooking to a range of outdoor furniture and accessories.

With its multifunctionality and design aesthetics, the OFYR grill is as practical as it is social, be it cooking for family and friends, or for the use of professional chefs in hotels and restaurants, while transforming outdoor spaces and entertainment areas.

The Bastard is billed as ‘the pride of the Netherlands’. This versatile kamado grill – grilling, baking, smoking and braising – is made of cordierite ceramic, so is very resistant to extremely high temperatures, while the insulating ceramic inner lining regulates the temperature.

Visit Fyron Group


Monolith, a German designed kamado, has launched a premium model designed to grow the company’s market share in the UK.

The monolith is multifunctional, be it grilling, smoking, baking, searing or roasting. Its thermal efficiency ensures it needs very little energy to generate and maintain temperature.

Air movement is minimal, so meat stays moist and juicy, while its woodchip feeder system creates that smoky barbecue taste without having to lift the lid.

The Monolith is made of heat-resistant ceramics and high-grade stainless steel. The cart is powder-coated steel, with two bamboo side tables.

Discover Monolith


Ozpig is a quirky campfire cooker out of Australia that doubles as a wood-fired patio heater. Its cooking capability is supported with a select range of accessories, including cast iron grill grates and rotisseries.

The newly launched Oven Smoker transforms the Ozpig into a wood fired smoker. Ozpig is looking to target the campfire market, whether that be SUV adventures, camping, caravanning or the VW camper surf scene, while the Big Pig model doubles as a wood-fired stove and outdoor heater for the patio.


Pit Barrel

Pit Barrel, with its trademarked 360° All Round Heat Dynamics, cooks hot and fast using the hook ‘n hang system to delivers a smoky BBQ cook without constant tending, as it heats the meat from all sides at once. This ‘set and forget’ form of cooking is an excellent product for novices, while the bigger PBX works well for busy chefs in restaurants and pubs. A leading barrel cooker in the USA, Pit Barrel launched in the UK last year.

Pit Barrel

Fuegos JL

Fuegos JL was founded in Argentina by Julian Lanzillotta when this passionate outdoor cook, unable to find the grill he wanted on the market, developed his own design – an open fire grill that could be moved around.

Just four years after starting the business, his grills were cooking up feasts in Qatar for Argentina. BBQ food clearly helped win the football World Cup.

Argentinian footballers and World Cup winners such as Alexis Mac Allister and Rodrigo De Paul have Fuegos grills at home, but the brand is now reaching across the world.

The World Cup grills were made from scratch and since the tournament Fuegos has started manufacturing smaller versions of the same grills.

In Argentina, asadors (grill masters) are almost as revered as footballers and Argentina would fancy its chances in a World Cup of barbecue too. What price the Pumas rugby squad requesting some Fuegos grills for France and the Rugby World Cup later this year?

“A long slow Sunday lunch outdoors on an asado is what we all do in Argentina. When the meal is served the whole table claps the asador, assuming the meat is good. And in Argentina the meat is always good,” says Agustin Creevy, the former Argentina rugby captain, currently playing in the English Premiership with London Irish.

Visit Website

Casa Mia

Casa Mia is a collection of crafted cooking and heating products to transform your outdoor space. The team behind the revolutionary Grillstream barbecue applied their design skills to creating gas-powered chimeneas. Available in three stylish models; Casa Mia Alto, Casa Mia Primo, and the Casa Mia Tempo, the chimineas are a mix of traditional and contemporary designs, radiating a subtle illuminating light and glowing heat. Using a Casa Mia durable cast iron griddle, you can convert a Casa Mia chiminea to cook anything a barbecue can.

Casa Mia also supplies a range of pizza ovens with a U-shaped gas burner system in combination with a ceramic stone dispersing the heat evenly across the pizza base.

The Bravo 12” and Bravo 16” pizza oven models have been designed with a curved cylindrical shell for reflective heat distribution, combined with a variable gas control system that has FFD flame protection.

Casa Mia is part of LeisureGrow, a home and garden industry supplier that includes Grillstream, NOMA Christmas, NOMA Garden Lighting, Petface and LG Outdoor.

Casa Mia Website


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