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Monolith Avantgarde The S Class of Kamados

Avantgarde is the latest development from Monolith Grill, the revolutionary German Kamado Grill company.

 Monolith   Spring 2023

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Avantgarde is the latest development from Monolith Grill, the revolutionary German Kamado Grill company.

Founded on the technically innovative Pro Series 2.0, Avantgarde features everything you've come to expect from Monolith:

- The mechanically secured stainless steel / glass fibre gasket system has created a virtually maintenance free barbecue.

- The digital controller connector port that allows you to choose your digital controller and upgrade as technology advances

- The incredibly versatile grill grate system (SGS) providing 4 grill height settings and the option to expand to three tiers of grill grate. 

Following an extensive consumer feedback study, the Avantgarde delivers the technical diversity & quality of Monolith products into the ultimate timeless design. Monolith has designed a much stronger frame with accessory shelf, which also now supports the side tables. As such the grill & frame resemble one unit.

The striking new Satin - Matt glaze is an extremely resistant mineral glaze that resists all weather & acid, moreover it refines the grill colour to perfectly complement the stainless steel components.

Wooden components have also been given a new look: Side tables and handles are now made of "heavy bamboo", a material created by carbonising bamboo fibres under intense heat and extreme pressure. This process creates a highly stable and resistant material with an antique look and improved sustainability.



Finally, two LED lamps which can be operated via a metal switch have been installed in the handle so now you can grill late into the evenings without the need for additional lighting.

Matthias Otto, owner and founder of Monolith Grill commented "This is where art meets design, no other barbecue combines aesthetics, functionality and durability like the new Monolith Avantgarde. Since founding Monolith Grill, my mission has been to further develop the Kamado in terms of quality, design and variety. The Monolith is now not just THE KAMADO, but through our innovative accessories also a Teppanyaki grill, a wok, a rotisserie, a fire pot and much more - it is the ultimate outdoor kitchen in one product. And if you like to keep it simple you can still achieve the best, juicy sausages cooked directly over the coals, thanks to our ceramic technology and closed cooking environment!"

The Monolith Avantgarde will be available in the UK at the end of May and Monolith retailers are taking forward orders. You can find your local Monolith dealer here

Classic in Cart - £2249

Classic No Cart - £1820

Le Chef in Cart - £3124

Le Chef No Cart - £2599





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