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Kamado Joe introduces the future of outdoor cooking with global first digitally connect ceramic grill

Leading ceramic grill innovator introduces the Konnected Joe™ to take the guesswork out of ceramic grilling and smoking

 Kamado Joe   Spring 2023

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Kamado Joe, the innovator behind industry-leading kamado-style ceramic grills, has announced the addition of the Konnected Joe™ to their product line-up. A global first, this digitally connected ceramic grill combines all the benefits of traditional ceramic cooking with modern technology, offering a solution for easy fire-lighting and effortless temperature control. 

The Konnected Joe is available for pre-order in the UK/EU for £1,999 (2,199 €) at select retailers from 15 April 2023 following a launch party hosted by Kamado Joe’s director of culinary inspiration, chef Eric Gephart, at the Paris BBQ Expo 14-16th April. Orders will be fulfilled in June 2023.

The digital controls and convenient app-enabled features help grillers experience the benefits of ceramic grill cooking, while making the whole process a breeze with a button to ignite the fire and a dial to maintain desired grill temperature. 

Global marketing manager at Kamado Joe, Ben Forte says, “Kamado Joe has been committed to delivering a superior grilling experience since the beginning. Today, we’re proud to introduce kamado style cooking to grillers of all skill levels with the Konnected Joe, giving them the confidence and flexibility to use digital controls.”

The all-new Konnected Joe offers: 

HASSLE-FREE CHARCOAL IGNITION – The Automatic Fire Starter™ ignition lights the charcoal with the push of a button, so your grill is ready to use in under 15 minutes.
ABILITY TO MAINTAIN CONSISTENT TEMPERATURES – The Kontrol System™ (consisting of the Kontrol Board™ digital display, Kontrol Fan™, and Kontrol Tower™ top vent) maintains total temperature control throughout each cook.
ULTIMATE VERSATILITY – Effortlessly achieve 95°C - 370°C for smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, and searing with the push of a button. Monitor up to three meat probes at once. 
UNMATCHED FLEXIBILITY WITH COOK MODES – The Automatic Cook Mode offers step-by-step instructions on the Kontrol Board™ digital display or use Classic Cook Mode and control your temperature manually for traditional kamado cooking. 
KAMADO JOE APP – Adjust and monitor your grill temperature, meat probes, and cook times from anywhere with the new Kamado Joe app.
STANDARD KAMADO JOE INNOVATION – The Konnected Joe also includes thoughtfully engineered features like a slide-out ash drawer for easy clean-up, Air Lift™ Hinge for reduced dome weight, and 2-Tier Divide & Conquer® for cooking flexibility.

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