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Burger Recipes

Sizzle Alert! BBQ Magazine Rolls Out a Gourmet Burger Recipe Collection, Celebrating National Hamburger Day on May 28th!

 Mark Waters   Spring 2023

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As we march towards the heat of summer, BBQ Magazine presents an impeccable collection of burger recipes to set your grills ablaze for National Hamburger Day this May 28th. Delve into the richness of these handpicked creations, featuring flavours from classic to contemporary, there's a patty for every palate. So, get ready to turn up the heat and redefine your burger game with our lip-smacking lineup!

Stinking Bishop Stuffed Burger

Stinking Bishop, as its name suggests, is a strong, pungent cheese, but it is also very creamy and works really nicely with dry-aged beef. The cheese goes really melty and oozy.

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Nduja smashburger

"I'm a bit of a burger nerd, and anything more than a simple perfect cheeseburger needs to really work its way hard into my affections. This is one of the few that has made it, adding to my obsession for nduja."

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Coffee Rubbed Chuck Burgers

These beef burgers are extra special as they are made with chuck mince (ask your butcher to do this for you) - then combined with a quick coffee rub made with ground coffee, light brown sugar, ground coriander and dried mixed herbs. Pop on the barbecue or under the grill and serve in burger buns with salad leaves and a ranch dressing.



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Smash burgers

Put your meat balls onto the Cast Iron Reversible Griddle and smash them

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Guinness Pub Burger

The Guinness Pub Burger, made with a combination of beef mince, Guinness, horseradish, and spices, and served with cheese, bacon, and pickles. With a squishy texture that sets after a few hours in the fridge, this burger is sure to satisfy any meat lover's cravings.

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Ramen Burgers with Tonkatsu Sauce

A Japanese beef burger that replaces the burger bun with a noodle bun! Tomato sauce is replaced with a tonkatsu sauce made with red onions, mustard, light soy sauce, tomato ketchup and fresh root ginger

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Red Thai Lamb Burgers

Looking to add some zing to your lamb burgers? Look no further than our Red Thai Lamb Burger recipe, which incorporates the bold flavours of Thai curry paste, zesty lime, and fragrant coriander for a meal that's sure to impress. Whether you're grilling out with friends or enjoying a weekday dinner, this dish is a delicious and easy way to add some excitement to your mealtime routine.

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Coronation Lamb Burgers

Light up the barbecue to celebrate the royal Coronation with friends and family. We love these lamb burgers with a regal twist - made all the better for being cooked on Masterbuilt’s charcoal grill.

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