BBQ is a brand new magazine devoted to fire, food and outdoor living – a quarterly print publication to entertain and inform the barbecue community.

The UK’s first dedicated barbecue magazine is for enthusiasts – from trade professionals, to adventurous outdoor cooks and live fire influencers, through to anybody simply enjoying cooking outside for family and friends and eager to learn more.

The website will have plenty of digital engagement, letting you know what’s cooking in the global barbecue village. BBQ, actively seeking trade partners, will have distribution partnerships with specialist barbecue and outdoor living retail outlets and product suppliers, as well as garden centres, farm shops, butchers, live fire restaurants, festivals, events and airport lounges.

BBQ started live as the online publication UK BBQ Mag and there will be loads of digital content on our website, as well as social media engagement.

But food lends itself to the sensory power of the printed word and pictures, with so many stories to tell and share around the fire.

The BBQ community is an astonishing melting pot of people and passions, totally smitten by food and flame. BBQ magazine brings all these ingredients together to create the perfect dish.


  • Marcus Bawdon

    Marcus is one of the most admired names on the BBQ scene, with his popular CountryWoodSmoke brand, providing recipes and videos on cooking outdoors. He is author of the best-selling book Food and Fire and also brews his own beer.

  • Rupert Bates

    Rupert is an award-winning journalist and editor, writing mainly on property and sport. He arrived at Marcus Bawdon’s UK BBQ School ‘not able to cook my way out of a wet paper bag, unless microwaveable’ and left with the inspiration to launch BBQ magazine.

  • Kelly Bates

    Kelly is a graphic designer and creative director with many leading national magazine titles to her name. An Australian, Kelly hails from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She claims only Aussies know how to throw a proper barbie. We’ll prove her wrong.

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