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Meat: Pork

BBQ: I built the BBQ based on the Uruguayan Asado. The wood is placed in the grate and when the charcoal drops down we move it across to grill the meat. The process is repeated for continuous supply of charcoal and the grill can be lifted up and down to regulate the temperature.

Recipe: The 3kg loin of pork was marinated with ground fennel, smoked paprika and chipotle chillies that we seared and wrapped in foil to cook through without burning.

We also marinated some lamb neck fillets in mint, coriander and parsley and grilled until it was pink in the middle and charred on the outside. We served with grilled leeks and a Romesco sauce, courgettes with oregano and parsley and homemade Focaccia bread.

David Craddock – Arundel, West Sussex

Editor’s note: I’m not surprised David can build a great BBQ. He builds great houses as managing director of Elite Homes, developing along the South Coast.

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