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Oliver Woolnough (@nothingbutbbq) @MeatMattersltd
William Woolnough

WSM 57
Aussie heat beads
Chunk of seasoned cherry
Meater +

Ex dairy Short ribs from @MeatMattersltd

CountryWoodSmoke Mocha rub (Marcus Bawdon)

Exceptional results with minimal fuss, worry or stages to worry about.

Using the ‘organised’ minion method we set the WSM. Fill the water pan with warm water and get it up to heat (aiming for 100/120c).

William (7) is starting to learn knife skills and this cut is a perfect way to start. With a small stiletto pointed pairing knife trim excessive top layer of fat.

Rub the Mocha rub all over. Insert Meater + into the meat and place on the top grate.

When the meat goes on. Place the piece of cherry in the centre of the lit briquettes in the centre of the minion.

And, quite literally leave it alone. The cook can take anywhere between 9-13/14 hours depending on cut/animal/smoker/weather. I like to leave at least 2 hour grace period as it’s better to rest for an hour, than to try to rush it and be on the back foot. And hungry people are always friendlier when they are fed. (In short, for this cook leave lots of time).

Oliver & William Woolnough

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