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Beyond the fire

The outdoor kitchen; the outdoor living room; the room to work; the room to breathe. Never before has the outside space in all its functions been more popular, says Rupert Bates


Monarch of the grill

Born in Canada and made in North America, Broil King sells its barbecues in 52 countries and is really turning up the heat in the UK, as Rupert Bates reports


Do grill for me Argentina

When it comes to their heroes, sportsmen take up most of the top table, but asadors – grill masters - are almost equally revered. Rupert Bates gets close to the fire that fuels Argentina’s passion for barbecue


Brisket and Brexit

What do you talk about when you put a leading European politician and the Europe Editor of ITN in the same ‘newsroom’? Barbecue of course. Rupert Bates reports


Hunter Gather Cook

You’ve guessed it. He hunts, he gathers, he cooks. He also teaches you how at his school. Jon Finch talks food, fire and foraging with Nick Weston


Punk chef on fire

The pink mohawk may give the name away, but Scott Garthwaite is a remarkable chef for so many reasons. TV producer Andy Clarke tells his inspiring story


Drink with Roger Jones

The growth of quality sparkling wine in the UK has been phenomenal in recent years, with top Champagne houses even buying into the English countryside in an attempt to keep up.


Garden of Eating

An innovative partnership between a garden centre and a farmer promises to revolutionise the road from farm to fork. Jemima Nelson has a butcher’s!


Fireside Chat

When we gather round the fire we are evidently of good cheer in fine company; great food and drink to season the bonhomie. But we’re allowed the odd moan, aren’t we?


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