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A special force of nature

Soldier, adventurer, TV personality, but for Ant Middleton nothing beats cooking steak in the garden for his family. RUPERT BATES reports


Spring Inside this Issue

BBQ Magazine: Your Ultimate Guide to Sizzling Spring Barbecues!


2023 BBQ Experiences Beyond Grills

The UK barbecue village is a busy and growing community. JEMIMA NELSON takes a look at what’s new aside from grills in 2023


New Grills for 2023

The UK barbecue village is a busy and growing community. JEMIMA NELSON picks the latest grills. See the feature in the Spring edition of BBQ Magazine.


Spring Features

This magazine is about food – for both thought and eating, but it is also about products, people and places and the Spring issue is packed with the three Ps. On sale now!


Spring 2023

Previewing the latest edition of BBQ Magazine- Spring 2023.


Hearth of the community

For NICK VAUGHAN a barbecue is both personal and professional, with the Savills director seeing a huge rise in interest in outdoor cooking and dining


From farm to fire to fork

Provenance is at the heart and hearth of Farmer’s Daughters restaurant in Melbourne. RUPERT BATES eats from the food bowl of Victoria


Fish called wonder

A trip to his Malaysian homeland saw chef Norman Musa showcasing the fish of the Asian seas, as he cooked his catch over the flames. RUPERT BATES, born in Malacca, reports.


Drink with Roger Jones Winter 2022

With the evenings drawing in and a chill in the air, we can still enjoy outdoor cooking, so why not freshen up your barbecue with a burst of Australian sunshine and a range of fresh vibrant exciting wines.


Cave man makes fire

John Bingley has sailed many seas and cooked many barbecues on his hospitality voyage. RUPERT BATES heads to The Cave hotel in Kent


BBQ on a budget

As food and fuel belts are tightened this winter, our experts reveal their budget barbecue tips, without compromising on flavour and fun


Winter is coming

But if you thought now was the time to put your garden plans and barbecues into hibernation then think again, says KATE HAMILTON


The Butchers hook worth a look

Rob Buchanan is a rugby player turned butcher, who likes nothing better than throwing his favourite cuts of meat on the fire. RUPERT BATES reports


Feeding the fans & fuelling the fire

Home cooks feed family, pitmasters cater for bigger crowds. But try providing for 100,000 people in one afternoon. RUPERT BATES heads to Melbourne to talk to chef Markus Werner


The pub lunch

Giants of fire and food and a sporting great drinking sporting wines feasted at a garden table – the pub lunch reimagined. RUPERT BATES joined them


Variety is the slice of life

There are a lot of 60 seconds in 10 years. That’s a lot of pizzas. RUPERT BATES talks to Ooni co-founder Kristian Tapaninaho as the pizza oven company celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Hungry like the wolf

An inventive grill company in Finland takes live-fire cooking to lakes and forests and even shares BBQ food with the local wildlife. RUPERT BATES puts on his snow boots


Fields of Gold

Tommy Banks is a farmer and an award-winning chef and restaurateur, with a premium food box business and a canned wine brand. ANDY CLARKE eats and drinks at his Yorkshire table


Salt and Pepper

They are the world’s most popular seasonings. Not just essential condiments for the table, but beloved of live-fire cooks as ingredients in themselves. Valerie Aikman-Smith passes the salt and pepper to RUPERT BATES


Curry flavour with a view to savour

Bring a television presenter and a BBQ chef together around a fire and the art of cooking and conversation reaches new heights, as RUPERT BATES discovers


Join the Traegerhood join the Q

If you want to meet a world champion pitmaster, you’d expect to travel to the southern states of America, not to a city in England’s West Midlands. RUPERT BATES talks BBQ in Birmingham with Diva Q


Grilling for high steaks

The Smokin’ Elk gave up a good job in IT to follow his live-fire dream. RUPERT BATES heads to BBQ School in Hampshire to find the gamble paying off


Every builder’s got a hungry hearth

The value of outdoor space is turning the property market inside out and leading housebuilders are adapting accordingly, as RUPERT BATES reports


The Spicy Flexitarian

Drawing on her dual Indian-British heritage, Radha Rü cooked her way to the final of this year’s MasterChef. Now she’ll cook you a barbecue at home as part of her private fine dining business. AMY NEWSOME meets The Spicy Flexitarian


The Skint Roofer

Ian Bursnall is a roofer from Leicester, who also happens to be a great cook with a passion for BBQ food – just ask Jamie Oliver. RUPERT BATES reports


Fire, Fuel & Faith

A North American family business with a strong Christian faith is igniting the grill market from Arizona to England. RUPERT BATES talks to Jeff Thiessen, president of Dansons


Deer diary

Game cooking over live fire is a passion for Mike Robinson. But there are far more ingredients in the larder of this chef and hunter than venison, as RUPERT BATES discovers


Botanicals, barbecues & bees

With a growing passion for live-fire cooking, alongside her gardening and beekeeping, it was time for AMY NEWSOME to head to The Salt Box in Surrey


Butchers Window


Fire cooking on the move

Staycations continue to soar, especially as the cost-of-living crisis bites. But if you want to take your cooking to the campsite, down the beach or into the woods, you need the right kit. JEMIMA NELSON makes some suggestions


Meat and Greet

Matt Tebbutt, chef and presenter of Saturday Kitchen, steps outside the television studio to talk live-fire cooking with ANDY CLARKE


Sites to behold

JEMIMA NELSON packs her overnight bag and heads to four UK campsites to seek out fire food beside the tents, pods and tipis


A song of ice and fire

We love to pair barbecue food with wine and beer, but what about cocktails? RUPERT BATES delves into Home Bar by Andy Clarke - ‘an Aladdin’s cave of imbibement’.


Just a perfect day

I’m glad I spent it camping, says PETE LAWRENCE, as he picks his treasured places, cooks his favourite food and packs up the car with essential kit to create a magical live-fire experience


Great bowls of fire

Kadai has transformed the way we eat and entertain outside. RUPERT BATES talks to founder Christo McKinnon-Wood


Fire, Food, and Festivals

Jemima Nelson rounds up the best live-fire festivals taking place this year, with BBQ food and outdoor living at the very heart of a dazzling array of events


Love on the rocks

The ocean has a menu all of its own says KATY DAVIDSON as she cooks oysters, scallops, mussels and lobsters on the barbecue


The very model of a modern estate

Swinton in Yorkshire combines respect for its heritage with a pioneering spirit, including plenty of food and fire inspiration. RUPERT BATES reports


American garden of England

She gave up the favourite restaurants on her Atlanta doorstep to head to Kent. Would the fire go out for LIZ EVANS or could she bring US style barbecue to the English countryside?


From pass master to pit master

Raffi Quirke is worth watching on the pitch and over the barbecue as the England international pursues his twin passions of rugby and cooking. RUPERT BATES reports


The fire is natures TV

Jules Hudson is a television presenter, author and archaeologist with a passion for architecture, landscape and history. RUPERT BATES reports


Land of the fire and home of the brisket

Hickory’s has brought America’s Deep South to the North West of England and beyond with its barbecue restaurants and home deliveries. RUPERT BATES throws a Super Bowl party


Fire and famiglia

He made it all the way to the final of BBC MasterChef, finishing runner-up. Inspired by his Italian roots and his love of BBQ cooking, MIKE TOMKINS now dreams of opening a live-fire restaurant


Nights at the oak table

Chef, teacher, food writer and business owner, the career of LUKE VANDORE-MACKAY has been forged in fire


Fork to fire to fork

Welcome to a Wiltshire restaurant where food supplies arrive by wheelbarrow. RUPERT BATES forages, feeds and sleeps at Pythouse Kitchen Garden


James Martin

He has cooked with ingredients from around the world, but there is one he has always used “without compromise and without substitute”. James Martin talks butter and barbecue with Rupert Bates


Refreshment for the flames

We like to plan the food for the barbecue and select our favourite meats from the local butcher. But don’t forget the drinks – made for pairing and sharing – says Andy Clarke


Fire, Food and Bristol fashion

Fine dining, fire dining, pop-ups and popular characters. Rupert Bates heads to Bristol and eats plenty of food for thought It keeps coming back to Bristol, or Brizzle me babber.


If you build it, we will barbecue

A housebuilder, a live fire chef and BBQ magazine cooked up an outdoor feast at a new home in the Garden of England. Jemima Nelson reports`



Bread and butter. Bread meet butter; I see you already know each other and have been together for centuries. Make that ‘bread meat butter’ and if you love to barbecue, make the best of all three.


Firing up the grill – and the customer

Australia considers itself premier league when it comes to BBQ, but is always looking to raise its game, led by iconic retailer Barbeques Galore. Rupert Bates talks to CEO Angus McDonald


Dough a beer

And the sound of music. Rupert Bates tries to steal the magic dough potion of a wood-fired wizard, while watching the first-ever BBQ beer pizza come out of the oven


Take 3 restaurants

First to London’s Fitzrovia. But let’s take a step back as to how I came to be here. The hero of Taste of London in Regent’s Park last summer was the firepit, run by the brightest and best live-fire chefs in the business...


Fighting fear with fire

Phil Roberts believes the barbecue can be an antidote to depression and anxiety, as he describes his journey with mental health and cooking.


No smoke without fire

Barbecues and smokers go hand in hand. Kate Hamilton looks at the best way to get that smoked flavour all year round…


Smoking is cool

Underneath the arches in south London, masters of smoke gathered with barbecue enthusiasts to share the live fire magic. RUPERT BATES joined them


Call of the Wild

STELLA GURNEY meets Claire Zambuni to hear tales from the riverbank, mountain and firepit, with food and its provenance high on the agenda


Drink with Roger Jones

The success of British wines is not just about sparkling and we are now seeing a great range of still wines flourishing, using both famous grapes and lesser-known ones.


How does your garden grow?

‘We should do something about the garden’ was a familiar refrain during lockdown. One family did plenty about it, as JEMIMA NELSON reports


Fireside Chat

BBQ magazine is inclusive. All food is welcome – this issue is replete with vegetarian and vegan fare – all people welcome.


Life in the low and slow lane

One of our greatest ever Olympians was renowned for his speed and power on the cycling track, but Sir Chris Hoy likes to take his time over the barbecue.


BBQ Breakfast

For breakfast read brisket. While the consummate professional, you suspect on the BBC sofa Dan Walker is dreaming of his next BBQ. Rupert Bates reports


Fireside Story

In cold, callous, commercial terms, Covid-19 has bolstered the barbecue market in a big way.


Rub me up the right way

Rubs, sauces and marinades create fantastic flavours – condiments to complement and pimp your barbecue food. JEMIMA NELSON finds herself well-seasoned


When the chips are up

If you go down to the woods to cook, you better take ‘sommelier’ Alyson Murray with you. RUPERT BATES finds smoke, fire and flavour


Brothers in arms

Smokin J’s BBQ in San Diego is run by Jeremy and Josh George. Meet the pit master and the Paralympian. RUPERT BATES reports.


Call me wilderness Dave

At every opportunity DAVID FLATMAN fills his car boot with his beloved BBQ kit, tells his daughters to get a move on and heads for a feed in a field


Motorcycle and the art of BBQ maintenance

There was no need for Dragon funds to fire Grillstream. RUPERT BATES talks to the founders Peter Neath and Ian Worton


Drink with Roger Jones

With the British & Irish Lions tour of South Africa in July 2021 – with or without supporters – it is clear that plenty of South African wine will be drunk over the summer while we are all watch the rugby, be it from home armchairs or pub gardens.


Meat the world’s strongest men

Barbecue is the food of choice if you want to become the strongest man in your family, yet alone the world. Brothers Luke and Tom Stoltman are given a grill masterclass.








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