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Traeger Grills launches fully reimagined Timberline grill


 Traeger Grils   Winter 2022

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Traeger Grills, the innovators and category leaders in wood-pellet grills, have perfected the outdoor cooking experience with the launch of an all-new Timberline grill. The ultimate combination of consistency, convenience, and versatility, the new Traeger Timberline redefines what a grill can do, pushing the limits of cooking outdoors, all while bringing people together to create memorable meals.

Originally launched in 2017, the Traeger Timberline pioneered a connected cooking platform with the introduction of WiFIRE® and an industry-first D2® Direct Drive motor for variable fan and auger control. The new Timberline heralds a new future of outdoor cooking, with more improvements and features.

“Traeger has spent 35 years innovating and perfecting what it means to cook incredible meals outdoors, and the new Timberline has everything you need to do just that,” said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills. “Our aim is to enhance the cooking experience with each grill launch, building innovation that cascades into different makes, models, and price points across our line-up. We want everyone, everywhere to experience the Traeger difference, and we’re excited for what the future holds with this new technology launch.”

The all-new Timberline truly perfects the outdoor cooking experience through the following:


PERFECT RESULTS EVERY TIME – Traeger set the standard for precision temperature control and has taken it to an entirely new level of performance with its new smart combustion system. This system uses a series of smart sensors and cooking environment data to avoid flare-ups and provide an ultra-consistent cook for perfect results, every time.
SET-IT-AND-FORGET-IT® – Dialling in your temperature is easier than ever before with a vibrant, full-colour touchscreen display. The new Timberline controller opens more functionality with guided onboarding, monitoring temperature, and performing grill maintenance checks.
ULTIMATE WOOD FIRED FLAVOUR – Traeger’s patented DownDraft Exhaust envelopes food with wood-fired goodness and an improved Super Smoke Mode delivers even more smoky flavour when activated thanks to a new FreeFlow™ firepot capable of producing maximum smoke output.
HOTTER MORE CONSISTENT TEMPERATURES – Full stainless-steel insulation delivers precision temperature regulation, no matter the weather. The new Timberline also features a redesigned heat delivery system thanks to radiant heat from a full stainless-steel interior, resulting in hotter temperatures at the grates for improved searing capabilities.




NO HASSLE CLEANUP – A proprietary Traeger technology, the EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg system channels not only the grease, but also excess ash, into one convenient, accessible unit for easy disposal.

CONTROL YOUR GRILL FROM ANYWHERE – Grilling freedom is at your fingertips with the Traeger App featuring WiFIRE® Technology allowing consumers to control and monitor every aspect of the grill from anywhere. The new Timberline grill also features a more powerful 360 WIFI antenna than previous models for easier connection.
NO STRINGS ATTACHED – The new Timberline is equipped with two Traeger x MEATER® Wireless Meat thermometers for precise monitoring of food temperature from literally anywhere utilising WiFIRE technology via the Traeger App.


SEAR, SAUTÉ, SIMMER, AND FRY- A first-of-its kind, Traeger’s outdoor-rated Induction Cooktop provides fast and efficient heating for grilling versatility when sautéing onions, simmering sauces, searing steaks, or frying hot wings.
ENDLESSLY CUSTOMISABLE – The patented Traeger P.A.L.™ Pop-And-Lock rail system provides endless possibilities to customise the Timberline with an entirely new set of accessories aimed at improving the cooking experience, all while ensuring cooks are seamless and efficient.  ModiFIRE™ accessories allow customers to utilise a variety of cooking styles by easily swapping out the cooking surface of their grill.
DREAM DECK READY – Consumers looking to outfit their patio with the ultimate garden setup can now build the new Timberline grills into their pre-existing or newly fabricated spaces with ease.

The new Timberline and Timberline XL represent the pinnacle of Traeger’s premium product offering, coming in at £3,699.99 and £3,999.99.. Both grills are available at Platinum Traeger retailers across the UK and Ireland.  Platinum retailers can be found using the Traeger dealer locator 





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