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Summer Preview

Summer Edition of BBQ magazine is out at the beginning of June

 Rupert Bates   Summer 2023

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As someone once said: ‘At every party there are two kinds of people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is they are usually married to each other.’

BBQ doesn’t subscribe to such cynicism; so much so that we put fire food, parties and weddings into one melting pot to find the best of everything.

This Summer issue is packed with special ‘fire places’ – where food not only inspires, educates, entertains and brings people together, it marries them. If BBQ be the food of love, grill on.

Find the best wood-fired venues and cooks for that special occasion. And if you wish you could command those flames with the same mastery and theatre, check out some of the best BBQ cooking schools out there whatever your level.

With the Ashes cricket to enjoy this summer, we once again dine with one of England’s greatest-ever batsmen, David Gower, while James Brace heads into the woods to test out some of the finest charcoal.

The story of barbecue business Cue Point is a compelling one, as much about diversity and inclusion as fine food.

We take a brief look inside the mind of Heston Blumenthal as he reveals his BBQ passion, while three butchers serve up a fascinating discussion about the future of their profession. 

One of the most popular sections of the magazine is, of course, the recipe pages and we love the extraordinary flair and originality from our contributors, be they professional chefs or exceptional amateurs. Summer on a plate right here.

Summer drinks too, with Roger Jones pairing shellfish and Portuguese wine, and we pop the corks and even pull the rings off sparkling wine and an exciting young shandy brand.

Property is a stalwart of this magazine. You need the space to cook at home, but also the inspiration to create the best outdoor arena for dining and entertaining.

Fire cooking lends itself to striking imagery, for we all eat with our eyes and Lush Films takes us on a, well lush, tour, looking back at some of its tastiest film assignments for people, places and products.



You light a fire; you start a party. You light a fire; you fall in love. If you want to know the best places to light those fires, read on.

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