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Fire cooking on the move

Staycations continue to soar, especially as the cost-of-living crisis bites. But if you want to take your cooking to the campsite, down the beach or into the woods, you need the right kit. JEMIMA NELSON makes some suggestions

 Jemima Nelson   Summer 2022

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The MiniMax is the smallest model in Big Green Egg’s range of kamado-style barbecues, and portability is a big part of its appeal. It is made from the same high-spec materials as its larger siblings and offers the same breadth of cooking modes – roasting, slow cooking, pan cooking, baking and smoking, as well as grilling.

But its compact size means it can fit comfortably into the boot of a car. The easy-to-grip carrier also allows it to be ferried down to a beach or campsite by hand. A MiniMax gets up to temperature quickly and is fuel efficient, so you won’t need to overload your car with charcoal when you hit the road. 


With its portability and efficiency, the lightweight Ooni Fyra 12 wood pellet pizza oven is ideal for camping adventures. Fuelled by wood pellets through the gravity-fed hopper, the Ooni Fyra 12 is ready to go in 15 minutes.

“My 12-year-old daughter thought the Fyra 12 was very apt to cook pizza for her birthday camping party. Her friends loved stretching the Ooni doughballs packed in a cool box and putting on their own toppings, showing a lot of innovation with their ingredients!” says Marie Manning of her new oven.

A 3kg bag of pellets provides two to three hours of cooking. The pellets light easily, burn cleanly and leave little ash, which makes the oven ideal for cooking on the move. Temperatures can reach up to 500°C, cooking an authentic stone-baked pizza in 60 seconds. “We took Ooni’s camping advice and pre-sliced meats and vegetables and even went for the breakfast pizza suggestion – smashed avocado with bacon and egg.”




Having grown up just streets apart in Buenos Aires, Argentina and enjoying an asado every Sunday with their families, Mili Morrison and Pepa Portman met when they became neighbours in rural Wiltshire. Quickly bonding over their love of asados and Argentine cooking, they decided they wanted to help British barbecuers create the same experience in their own homes, and Sol Provisions was born. Mili and Pepa have teamed up with Argentina barbecue maker Tromen, becoming its first European importer.

Sol Provisions not only sells open fire cooking equipment for your garden or camping trip, but also offers tips, creates experiences and handmade Argentine delicacies. One of its products is a skillet pan (disco de arado). Used on Argentine farms, it is ideal to place over the grill or directly over fire and is traditionally used to create dishes like Pollo al Disco (chicken in a pan), flavoured with cumin and paprika, plenty of oregano and a fragrant tomato sauce. It’s also perfect for frying potatoes or empanadas, searing steaks and browning vegetables. 

The smallest member of the Sol Provisions cookware family is the D380 barbecue – a mini version of the Duomo and Duomo Oval but taking up less space. You can sear, grill and slow cook an array of ingredients in this small but powerful parrilla.


Declan Morrison and Sidney Hiscox started clothing brand Fera last year, having previously run an adventure travel business called Sorn.

“Our specialty was putting on epic ‘foodie’ experiences in remote places. Think scuba diving for scallops before a great chef cooks it up over fire in a secret cove, or candle-lit dinners cooked over fire in remote bothies,” says Declan Morrison, who worked in Argentina and is married to Mili Morrison from Sol Provisions. During the pandemic, thoughts turned to outdoor clothing and equipment and Fera was born. “We create clothing with a rugged sense of style, taking inspiration from the golden eras of exploration and adventure, applying a contemporary edge.” Founded by two passionate outdoorsmen, focused on protecting wild places and helping them thrive, every Fera decision is geared towards sustainability and reducing environmental impact, committing 5% of annual sales to conservation causes and charities.

“Fera is for those drawn to wild places, who live for the warmth and cooking of the campfire and the telling of tales after a long day out,” says Morrison, with the products made to last ‘a lifetime of adventure’ with Fera’s three pillars: Protect. Explore. Inspire. “Fera clothing and outdoor cooking is the perfect match. Preparing food over fire in a wild location is the pinnacle of the outdoor experience, sharing great food and drink, having shared adventure – and it tastes infinitely better.”


ProQ Barbecues and Smokers has launched the Flatdog portable BBQ grill. The ProQ Flatdog folds down thinly, then easily converts to a high-spec barbecue with grilling space to cook for up to 12 people. Made from durable stainless steel, the Flatdog features ProQ’s innovative design with its instant opening mechanism and efficient airflow design. Easy to carry to the beach, the park, hiking or on a camping trip (with a carry bag add-on), the Flatdog has been created to flatpack for the back of a car, caravan or campervan. Once the coals have gone out, the stainless-steel design means the barbecue cools rapidly, ready to be folded flat again in around 10 minutes. Made from high-grade stainless steel for durability and rust resistance, the Flatdog is easy-to-clean and maintain and works with all kinds of charcoal.

With the roomy grill space and solid construction, the Flatdog can also accommodate pots and pans for use as an outdoor stove with space to spare for grilling, making it ideal for campfire cooking.  “We created the Flatdog to encourage more people to enjoy exploring the great outdoors and cooking in the wild - something we are passionate about. Living and working in Cornwall, surrounded by beaches, woodland and countryside, the ProQ team love nothing more than creating delicious barbecue food in all sorts of locations,” says Ty McKend from ProQ Barbecues and Smokers. “The space between the fire and the food allows more control of the temperature to cook bigger cuts or roast vegetables in the coals whilst you grill a ribeye. You can push the coals to one side, allowing for two cooking zones. Cook your chicken wings slowly and then crisp them up at the end. This new design is all about ease and convenience but with a strong focus on sustainability and leaving nothing behind, so we feel the Flatdog is going to positively change the way people grill on the go.”


Marcus Douglass of Douglass Motors took his Land Rover to Devon to cook in the wild (see feature p7). “Land Rovers have been associated with travel and expedition for over 60 years. Their ruggedness allows them to be modified and prepped for expeditions, whether you’re heading for the beach, the hills, or remote wilderness campsites. Land Rovers and 4x4s have been the chosen transport for those looking for adventure for decades.” There are also cooking accessories for cars such as Front Runner’s BBQ grate which stores over the spare wheel, while the ARB Fire Pit is another piece of equipment to pack in your 4x4 for an off-road camping experience.


DeliVita has added new wood-fired ovens to its range. The Platinum Blue Jubilee adds a pop of colour, while The Emerald Fire is a subtler, calmer colourway.

The DeliVita tabletop oven is perfect for camping, weighing in under 30kg. It takes 20 minutes to reach its optimum temperature of 550°C, while retaining its heat with its clay refractory stone and high-tech insulation and polished fibreglass shell with no chimney design.


Peter Neath and Ian Worton first appeared on Dragons’ Den 13 years ago with their Grillstream barbecue, which, despite not attracting the Dragons’ investment, has gone on to be extremely successful, selling worldwide. Neath and Worton went back into the Den with their SauceStream product this year and won the backing of Peter Jones, Steven Bartlett and Deborah Meaden, but after negotiations declined the Dragons’ offer. The SauceStream idea was born during a Grillstream BBQ demonstration, when the conversation turned to the over-use of plastic bottles, especially in condiments and sauces – staples of camping trips. “The ideal solution was, and still is, the use of glass bottles – a material that is sustainable to the planet due to its ability to be both cleaned and reused but also endlessly recycled,” says Neath. “Our squeezer fixes the age-old problem of getting sauce out of glass bottles and at the same time helps people move away from single use plastic sauce bottles into environmentally friendly glass sauce bottles,” adds Worton.


The Weber Traveler is tailor-made for BBQ on the move. Whether you’re camping or picnicking, or going down the beach (see p7), the foldable barbecue has a sturdy, compact design and is simple to set up and easy to store.It folds compactly to fit easily in the boot of the car but pops up into a large cooking surface with a grill attached to the cart and can barbecue up to 15 burgers or 20 sausages at a time, before folding up and taking home.

It has a porcelain-enamelled lid for great heat retention, a cook box and cast-iron cooking grates for an even heat distribution across the cooking surface. The Traveler has a single burner design and a large side table with tool hooks for cooking utensils. It also has a heavy-duty, all-terrain cart frame with wheels for ease of outdoor transport.


The Phantom TravelQ PRO is a portable gas grill, with a folding scissor cart and is a new addition to Napoleon’s silky matt black Phantom range. t has a high-top lid and two stainless steel burners, with the capacity to grill up to 20 burgers or a whole roast chicken. The removable stainless steel warming rack provides an additional cooking area, with a hinge design allowing the rack to flick back when not in use to provide full access to the main cooking grids. The TravelQ PRO also has porcelain coated cast iron WAVE cooking grids for sear marks, resisting rust and providing even heat transfer. There are side shelves with utensil holders and the scissor cart features all-terrain wheels and gas tank straps.


Petromax is the German brand for self-sufficient adventures in nature, staying true to the roots of cooking. It is a leading European manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and outdoor living, calling itself the brand for ‘grilling and outdoor cooking, bushcraft and survival, fire and light.’

Petromax features cast-iron cookware in various models, barbecues and cooking areas, equipment for cooling, as well as accessories. Cast iron is a great material when it comes to outdoor cooking. The robust, durable and heat-resistant forms are made of grey cast iron, allowing you to cook, roast, braise or bake at the campfire.


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