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Top 10 Unexpected Things That BBQ Well

Marcus Bawdon shares his 'Top 10 Unexpected Things That BBQ Well,' proving that there's far more to the art of barbecuing than just burgers and sausages. From the creamy delight of grilled avocado to the sumptuous sweetness of charred strawberries- get inspired to try something new on your grill.

 Marcus Bawdon   Spring 2023

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You get a lovely combination of creaminess and char when you grill an avocado, then dress it up sweet or savoury, maybe some chocolate and brown sugar


Skewer a few strawberries and grill until lightly charred; they make for a lovely jammy Eton mess


Are wonderful cooked in their shells on the grill or nestled in the coals


A gland that doesn't sound or look appealing, but is delicious and creamy when boiled and grilled until crispy




Pretty much any veg when cooked on a BBQ turns out unexpectedly good


Create a raft of rhubarb and skewer to hold together, grill until charred and glaze with honey and brown sugar


Get yourself a stainless bucket with a lid and load with mussels, cook through and pour on a big platter drenched with garlic butter


Heart, kidneys, liver, all are fabulous, charred over fire

Pigs head

A whole pigs head smoked for a long time creates the most amazing pulled pork, just watch all the fat dripping onto the coals; I use a pan underneath to catch the dripping fat


Most people would think of cheese melting on a grill, but try other things rather than the standard halloumi; a nice smoked camembert is a revelation





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