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Top 10 Tools of the Trade

Discover the secrets to a perfect barbecue with Marcus Bawdon's exclusive Top 10 Tools of the Trade in this feature from BBQ Magazine. Elevate your grilling game and impress your guests with these indispensable items handpicked by the grill master himself!

 Marcus Bawdon   Spring 2023

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Expert griller Marcus Bawdon shares his top 10 essential tools that every barbecue enthusiast should have at their disposal. Marcus' expertly curated list is aimed at helping readers not only enhance their grilling experience but also achieve great results every time they fire up the barbeque.

Readers will also discover the importance of using a good knife, squirting bottles for adding extra flavour, and butcher's paper for wrapping large cuts of meat. Bawdon even suggests using a cloche for steaming and, of course, the all-important bottle opener for those refreshing beverages that perfectly complement the barbecue experience.

1. Digital thermometer

Ensuring your food is cooked to the correct internal temperature will give confidence and accuracy to your outdoor cooking.

2. Sturdy tongs 

A set of sturdy BBQ tongs will become an extension of your hands, enabling you to move everything from small food items to large chunks of meat around the grill.

3. A good knife 

Having at least one all-purpose chef’s knife that feels right for you, kept nice and sharp, will allow you to butcher, slice and carve. A knife is a very personal thing, so find one that works for you.



4. Heavy steel plancha

For very fatty cuts such as Wagyu steaks, smash burgers, or small things that might fall through a grill. Also really handy for a BBQ fry up.

5. Cast iron pans 

A few well-seasoned cast iron pans will give you a range of cooking options over charcoal, wood, or in a wood-fired oven.

6. Dutch oven 

Great for chillis, BBQ beans etc, it allows you to use up any leftover BBQ meats.

7. Squirty bottle 

For spritzing those BBQ cuts with various liquids, water, juices, beers etc, to add extra levels of flavour and moistness.

8. Butchers’ paper 

Perfect for wrapping large cuts such as briskets to power through the stall and for resting/serving.

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9. Cloche

An upturned stainless bowl makes a great cloche for steaming things like cheeseburgers. If it has a handle on top you'll be able to lift it easily.

10. Bottle opener

BBQ just isn't the same without some liquid refreshment; you'll need something to open those bottles.





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