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Top 10 Products People Places for 2023

Top 10 Products, people and places for 2023 by Marcus Bawdon

 Marcus Bawdon   Spring 2023

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1. Ninja Woodfire BBQ Grill and Smoker

When a large multinational company such as Shark Ninja decides to add a smoke element to their airfryers and grills, you know that smoking is about to hit the mainstream.

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2. Blackstone griddles

Griddles, planchas call them what you will, the gold standard for these, for quality and heat distribution, is the Blackstone griddle, which is arriving in the UK this spring.

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3. Drinks Pairings

Beer will forever be popular while barbecuing and BBQ magazine’s Pitmaster Rye IPA and Sizzler NZ Pale Ale are obvious choices. But cider is rising through the fire food ranks with its slight acidity and crispness pairing well with fatty BBQ cuts.

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4. Live fire chefs 

Cooking outdoors has long been the preserve of the hobbyist, but as it becomes more popular, plenty of professional chefs are now focusing more on this wonderful way of cooking.

Event guide for live fire chefs this summer 

5. BBQ Schools 

Many people got into BBQ and outdoor cooking during the pandemic, and are looking to level up their skills. The demand for BBQ classes is skyrocketing and BBQ schools are now popping up everywhere to meet the demand.

Check out Marcus Bawdon's UK BBQ School

6. BBQ Festivals 

After a few quiet years during the pandemic, barbecuers are wanting to meet up, cook together and have a beer, what better place to catch up with your BBQ pals than at a BBQ festival.

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7. Ynyshir restaurant  

More and more restaurants in the UK are really taking onboard the elements of smoke and fire on their menus and Ynyshir in Wales by Gareth Ward is definitely one of them.

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8. Culinary BBQ

Barbecuers are becoming increasingly creative from their own homes with their cooking. In these tight times, cooking a restaurant quality meal at home is definitely achievable.

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9. BBQ parties  

People are gradually getting more confident with socialising, so this summer bigger BBQ parties are back in.

Feeding a Crowd

10. BBQ in the mainstream

BBQ magazine is now in Waitrose and WH Smith, proof positive that barbecue has come of age in the UK. Time to throw off the stereotypes, as more and more people cook outdoors.

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