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Salmon Four Ways

Are you a seafood lover looking for some new and exciting ways to enjoy salmon? Look no further than our latest article, "Salmon 4 Ways." From spicy grilled Sriracha salmon to planked salmon in a wood-fired oven, we've got you covered with four delicious and unique salmon recipes.

 Mark Waters   Spring 2023

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Salmon has always been a popular choice for seafood lovers, and what better way to enjoy it than with some delicious BBQ fish recipes. In this blog post, we explore four interesting ways to prepare BBQ salmon, perfect for barbeque gatherings or any occasion that calls for a tasty grilled meal. From the fiery kick of grilled Sriracha salmon to the succulent sweetness of honey and soy, these BBQ salmon recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings. So fire up your grill or wood-fired oven, gather your ingredients, and get ready to try these delicious BBQ salmon recipes.

Gin Cured Smoked Salmon

Gin cured smoked salmon has become a popular delicacy amongst foodies in Britain, with its unique blend of juniper, citrus and smoky flavours. This luxurious dish is often served as a starter or part of a BBQ seafood platter.

Gin Cured Smoked Salmon BBQ Recipe 

Grilled Sriracha Salmon

If you’ve never tried salmon on the grill, get ready for a special treat. This ‘showstopper’ recipe is a real crowd pleaser and, being so easy, it’s one you’ll be happy to indulge in time after time.

Grilled Sriracha Salmon BBQ Recipe

Wild Salmon Fillets with honey and soy

Wild salmon is typically considered to be a healthier option than farmed salmon, as it is typically lower in contaminants and higher in nutrients.Honey and soy sauce are common ingredients that are used to flavour salmon, as they add a sweet and savoury depth of flavour to the fish. The honey helps to caramelise the surface of the salmon, creating a crispy and golden crust, while the soy sauce adds a salty and umami taste.



Wild Salmon Fillets BBQ Recipe

Planked Salmon in the Wood Fired Oven

Cooking Planked Salmon in a wood fired oven, such as this lovely Delivita wood fired oven is a great way to get a really tasty salmon. It's a delicate fish so cooking on a plank keeps it from falling apart, and you can add extra flavours, such as the lemon and marjoram herbs that I added here.

I set the wood fired oven for retained heat cooking at around 180c and used the Meater plus to make sure the salmon fillet went to 55c to ensure it was cooked perfectly moist.

I went for simple salt and pepper on the salmon fillet, and brushed with a little maple syrup halfway through the cook. 

The resulting salmon was delicious, tender, juicy, smoky and slightly sweet. I couldn't stop eating it, it was so good.

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