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Cook the Books 11 BBQ Books to Fire Up Your Grilling Game

Ready to fire up your BBQ game? Look no further! Discover the ultimate collection of barbecue cookbooks that will elevate your outdoor culinary prowess to new heights. From smoky delights to wood-fired wonders, these tantalising tomes penned by renowned chefs promise to transform your garden gatherings and awaken your inner pitmaster.

 Mark Waters   Spring 2023

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It seems the humble BBQ has enjoyed a gastronomic revolution in recent years, thanks in part to a wave of exceptional cookbooks dedicated to the art of outdoor cooking. These culinary tomes, penned by the likes of DJ BBQ, Marcus Bawdon, and Jon Finch, offer a treasure trove of inspiration for grill enthusiasts, from mastering the perfect marinade to exploring the tantalising world of wood-fired baking. 

With a wealth of knowledge and tips at their fingertips, BBQ enthusiasts are now able to take their outdoor cooking game to the next level.

Marcus Bawdon 

Marcus Bawdon is a well-known author, food blogger, and chef specialising in BBQ and outdoor cooking. He is the founder of the popular blog "Country Wood Smoke" and has written several books on the subject.

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Sam and Shauna 

In 2012 Sam and Shauna ditched their jobs and embarked on a 6-month road trip around the best barbecue joints in the southern United States. From Texas to Tallahassee, they learned the insider secrets of what makes barbecue great, were captivated by the thrill of smoke and fire, and back home in Cardiff they set out their meat manifesto in the form of Hang Fire Southern Kitchen. 

Hang Fire Cookbook 

Geneviene Taylor 

Seared is a one-stop shop for recipes and practical advice that will help you get the most from cooking meat on your barbecue, beginning with the science of why we need to cook different cuts in different ways and the physics of how fire works.



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Jon Finch

Wood-Fired Feast is the ultimate companion for the wood-fired oven home cook combining expert advice and instruction with over 100 innovative recipes. When it comes to wood-fired ovens, pizzas are just the start! Whether you're new to wood-fired cookery or a food lover looking to step up your outdoor cookery game, Wood-Fired Feast tells you everything you need to know about using and maintaining a wood-fired oven and takes you on a journey from novice to master.

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Hasan Semay

"This book is just about food. Nothing flashy, no expensive equipment and gizmos. It’s entirely about flavours and understanding. Food in its entirety is more than about filling your stomach; it’s about stories, history, and those shared moments." – Hasan Semay

Buy Big Has Home


DJ BBQ is a popular author, chef, and YouTuber who has gained a following for his passion for outdoor cooking and BBQ. He is known for his bold and creative recipes that bring a fresh twist to classic BBQ dishes. 

DJ BBQ's latest book, "Backyard Baking", focuses on the art of outdoor baking and desserts. The book includes over 80 recipes for sweet treats such as cakes, cookies, and pies, as well as savoury baked goods like pizzas and bread. 

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The Curry Guy 

Now we love BBQ, and we love a curry, so this is the ultimate crossover - Curry Guy meets BBQ! In his new book, the Curry Guy, Dan Toombs, shares his best ever recipes for cooking outdoors and over fire.

With simplicity in mind, most of the 100 recipes can be cooked on a kettle-style barbecue – you'll be amazed at how much can be cooked this way, no matter what the weather, and curry-house flavours work exceptionally well for grilling and live-fire cooking.

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Valarie Aikma-Smith

What better way to celebrate summer than to enjoy the very best food cooked over the fire whether at the beach, camping or in your own backyard.

Combining fresh flavours with exciting grilling techniques including cooking on a fire pit grill, salt block cooking and cedar-plank smoking, Valerie Aikman-Smith presents 65 recipes for relaxed summer entertaining.

Buy Feast from the Fire

Tom Kerridge

From simple but brilliant burgers to feasts from around the world: the ultimate barbecue bible from one of Britain's best-loved chefs

Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge shares his huge passion for barbecue and outdoor cooking in this timely new book. These customisable recipes range from classic barbecue icons to delicious new favourites, with over 80 recipes to create the perfect barbecue feast.

Buy Outdoor Cooking

Andy Clarke 

We all need great drinks to accompany any BBQ gathering. Over 60 recipes, with classic cocktails, batch ideas for parties, seasonal tipples and even some tasty snacks. Featuring advice on essential bar tools, homemade syrup recipes and suggestions on how to produce next-level drinks.

Buy Home Bar

Pitt Cue

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook offers a wealth of mouthwatering barbecue recipes and slow-cooked meat dishes from the renowned London restaurant. This indispensable guide will elevate your BBQ skills, allowing you to impress friends and family with delectable, restaurant-quality fare at home.

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