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Have a BBQ Butchers - Day 5

During National Butchers Week we are highlighting butchers with a love of barbecue. These butchers know all about meat over fire. Today we hear from Elite Meat Co taking Wales to Hong Kong and three generations of Butchr from Devon.

 Rupert Bates   Spring 2021

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Born in Wales and brought up on a welsh hill farm in the Berwyn Mountain range, Bryn Phillips is the founder and manager of Elite Meat Co, based in Hong Kong.

Along with his twin brother Iwan who has recently moved back to the Welsh family farm, the business sources some of the highest quality British produce, from organic or regenerative, low-scale farms and exports directly to consumers in Hong Kong.

Bryn Phillips says they are providing ‘an alternative to the large supply of intensively and harmfully manufactured produce from other parts of the world, that is currently on the market.’

Bryn Phillips is a professional rugby player with the Hong Kong national team and Kowloon Rugby Club – and like other athletes, has a demand for high quality protein and nutrition.

“An understanding of farming, a consciousness for the environment and animal welfare inspired the idea to introduce some home farmed, high quality, ethically-focused produce into the Asian hub,” says Phillips.

“We only source produce from exceptional British farms, quality beef breeds and herds, grown slowly, grass fed and relying on the best free range farming practices that enhance the characteristics and integrity of our meat and the surrounding pastoral environment.”

His BBQ meat star is the cote, bone-in ribeye. “The depth of flavour and tenderness from our dry-ageing process is special. The marbling and fat content of this cut ensures it caramelises and chars on the barbecue grill. The rich fats ensure succulence, and with the bone in is almost impossible to overcook. Simply cook at high heat and leave to stand.”

His go-to barbecue feed is one of his own Hereford T-bone steaks cooked on a RivSalt Himalayan Block, with a reverse sear.



“I also like to keep it simple. You can’t go wrong on a charcoal grill with some of our own grass fed, thick-cut sirloins.”

Instagram: Elite Meat Co


In 1970 Steve Turton started working as a ‘Saturday Boy’ in his father’s shop in Exeter. By the time he was 12 he could make sausages and by 14 able to butcher any carcase from start to finish.

“I’ve even done deliveries on a butcher’s carrier bike. I’ve helped train loads of apprentice butchers and employed hundreds of people over the years and I’m still at the block every day. After all this time, my favourite job is still serving customers and it does my heart good that we are still serving customers my mother and father served.”
His ‘biggest joy’ has been working with his son Andrew Turton for the last 20 years. Father and son are joint owners of the business, based in Willand, near Cullompton in Devon.

“Andrew is now starting to take the reins and becoming the face of our business and continuing our traditions for generations to come.”

Butchr’s most popular BBQ buy is its meaty pork ribs, which caught the eye and grill of Marcus Bawdon of CountryWoodSmoke, triggering big interest and rave reviews from the barbecue community.

“My favourite BBQ meat has to be a rack of lamb. It’s nice and simple to cook on the barbecue and takes little time, but with lots of flavour. This is always my go-to when the BBQ is out and never disappoints.”

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