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A Partnership that improves lives

Thrive, the charity that helps people with their mental and physical health through gardening has teamed up with the Leisure & Outdoor Furniture Association, (LOFA) to help more people access their life changing gardening sessions.

 Lofa   Autumn 2022

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Through a process called Social Therapeutic Horticulture, (STH) Thrive have proven that gardening can have a profound impact on physical and mental well-being. LOFA are committed to supporting their work by donating £5,000 each year. By working together, we can help more people living with disabilities, ill health, isolation, or disadvantage to enjoy the many benefits of gardening.

Thrive have three regional centres in Reading, London, and Birmingham, as well as outreach programmes in schools, hostels, hospitals, and care homes across the UK, they deliver social and therapeutic horticulture programmes that help people to improve their physical and mental health, communication and thinking skills. LOFA have made a commitment going forward to help charities that have a link to our industry as we, more than anyone know the benefits of being outside in the garden.  That is why we are committed to helping Thrive transform lives across the UK.

Thrive supports and works with a wide range of people... Those who have physical or learning disabilities; those requiring mental health support needs, such as anxiety attacks. The charity also reaches out to older adults affected by dementia-related problems including stroke survivors and diabetes sufferers among others - alongside young individuals struggling socially/emotionally or behavioural difficulties.

This is an amazing opportunity for LOFA to help people in local communities and we are really looking forward to working with Thrive. Gardening can be so beneficial for people's mental health, and it is great that LOFA can play a part in this. If you would like to find out more about the work that Thrive do, please visit their website, or better still donate.







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